International Volunteer Day Feature: Ruby Sands

Ruby has been a part of Guiding for six years. In her volunteer role with us, she has worked with and supported many girls and young Leaders through various roles like a Unit Leader, Regional Young Leader co-ordinator, and assistant trainer of adults.

Haven’t volunteered before? Here’s Ruby’s advice👇

“My advice is to follow what you are interested in. I love working with girls to ensure that they can be engaged in decision making and that interest has led me to be involved with a range of advocacy initiatives including running an online environmental seminar this year.”

“I see volunteering as another source of learning and being exposed to new experiences rather than giving, it means that every time I meet up either virtually or in-person it is exciting, and I really look forward to those opportunities.”

Ruby shares more on how this has helped her to improve her skills, ”GirlGuiding has allowed me to extend my skills by undertaking a range of different roles over the six years that I have been volunteering. I started developing my leadership skills as a unit leader assistant with brownies and I am now developing my governance skills as a board member of GirlGuiding New Zealand.”

International Volunteer Day is an international event held annually on 5 December. The theme this year is ”Volunteer now for our common future”. Find out more about this day here. Let’s encourage everyone, including decision-makers and citizens, to get involved in solving problems for people and the planet. What will you do to mark the day? Share your ideas #IVDay21. Tag us on your posts and stories.

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