You be
the guide!


GirlGuiding NZ supports girls to take action and change their world. We’re a girl-led organisation.
That means you’ll be the guide. What kind of adventure are you looking for?

Fun and friendship await!

Are you ready to bring more awesome to the world?

5-6 years

The adventure starts here. Make friends, tackle challenges, find adventure and earn cool badges that show off what you’ve learned along the way.

  • Find the Southern Cross
  • Make a kite
  • Have an indoor sleepover
  • Make music
7-9½ years

Brownies are becoming more aware and independent. Lead the adventure and have a say in what you do. Earn badges in teams and on your own.

  • Go camping
  • Write and perform skits
  • Get outdoors with new friends
  • Learn cooking and crafts
9-12½ years

At Guides you are growing into a leader, making decisions about what challenge you’ll take on next - whether it’s community action or learning to surf.

  • Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
  • Get creative with science
  • Become weather wise
  • Cook a feast outdoors
12-17 years

At Rangers, you’re setting your own goals and achieving them. You might travel to international camps or events and help lead the younger groups to share what you’ve learned.

  • Make friends from around the world
  • Follow your own interests
  • Take action in your community
  • Develop leadership skills

You can also join these groups


Volunteering with us is an opportunity to be a role model for girls and young women teaching them valuable teamwork, leadership and life skills. You don’t need to be an expert, we’ll provide you with the training you need. We have several volunteering options to suit your lifestyle.


Aotearoa units deliver GirlGuiding in a whole new way. If you can’t attend a local unit for any reason, Aotearoa can deliver the programme via post, email, online - or even by text.


Connect is a personal development programme for 16-25-year-olds. Travel, volunteer, learn new skills and stay in touch as you work towards valuable qualifications in a fun and supportive girl-led environment.

About Us

Our mission is to empower girls to take action and change their world.
We do this by using fun, adventure and friendship to build their confidence and life skills.