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5-6 years

The adventure starts here. Make friends, tackle challenges, find adventure and earn cool badges that show off what you’ve learned along the way.

7-9½ years

Brownies are becoming more aware and independent. Lead the adventure and have a say in what you do. Earn badges in teams and on your own.

9-12½ years

At Guides you are growing into a leader, making decisions about what challenge you’ll take on next - whether it’s community action or learning to surf.

12-17 years

At Rangers, you’re setting your own goals and achieving them. You might travel to international camps or events and help lead the younger groups to share what you’ve learned.

Jamboree January 2026


GirlGuiding NZ last ran a large-scale event for youth members in January 2018 (Flight Ranger Event at Rathkeale College in Masterton) and the last Guide Jamboree was held in January 2016 (CBee16 at Canterbury Agricultural Park in Christchurch).

There was a planned Jamboree scheduled to take place in January 2021 which due to the impact of Covid-19 restrictions at this time and the risk to the organisation this event was first postponed to January 2022 and subsequently it sadly had to be cancelled.

GirlGuiding NZ is now thrilled to advise that we will be hosting a Jamboree in January 2026 at the Mystery Creek Event Centre, Ōhaupō, in the Waikato.


When will registrations open? 

 You can expect to see registrations open for Jamboree 2026 by April 2025.

How much will it cost?

The cost to register for Jamboree 2026 will be communicated to all eligible members, their families/whanau and current volunteers by December 2024.

When can we start fundraising?

You can start to think about fundraising now! Fundraising guidelines and information will be available via the GirlGuiding NZ website Jamboree page by June 2024.

Who is eligible to attend?

Guides, Rangers and Volunteers from around Aotearoa.  Eligibility ages for youth members will be available by June 2024.

Invitations to international contingents will be issued in mid-2024.

Discovery type events alongside Jamboree for Pippins and Brownies will be considered during the planning process.

When will we find out the dates?

The specific dates in January 2026 will be confirmed by June 2024.

Who to contact for more information

You can email [email protected]

More information will be shared internally on GirlGuiding NZ Leaders Hub and via the GirlGuiding NZ website Jamboree page as planning continues.

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