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GirlGuiding NZ - Connect

Connect is a personal development programme for 16-25-year-olds. Travel, volunteer, learn new skills and stay in touch as you work towards valuable qualifications in a fun and supportive girl-led environment.

  • Travel, volunteer, learn new skills
  • Help with local initiatives and participate in task forces
  • Work towards valuable qualifications in a fun and supportive girl-led environment.
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Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild is open to anyone over 19 years old who is or has been an enrolled member of GirlGuiding New Zealand or of any member country of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Members are often no longer in an active Guiding role, but some continue to hold appointments within GirlGuiding New Zealand.
The aims of the Trefoil Guild are to:
  1. Keep alive the spirit of GirlGuiding New Zealand’s Promise and Law
  2. Carry that spirit into the community in which their members live and work
  3. Give support to Guiding

The way the aims are carried out and the format of Trefoil Guild meetings are entirely at the discretion of each group; groups and activities vary widely throughout the country.

Some Guild members are able to undertake the The Southern Cross Challenge, a scheme for people 50 and over which aims to discover the hidden talents and abilities of older people and put them to creative and practical use, whilst helping themselves and the wider community.

How do I get involved?

Trefoil Guilds are located throughout New Zealand. They are supported by a National Trefoil Guild Co-ordinator, who

  • works as an effective member of the Alumnae Portfolio Holder’s team to contribute to operational decision making in relation to alumnae members
  • communicates and co-ordinates activities of the Trefoil Guild
  • develops and co-ordinates alumnae initiatives that support GirlGuiding New Zealand
  • promotes and supports the activities of GirlGuiding New Zealand to members of the Trefoil Guild

You do not have to wear a uniform to belong, however a Trefoil Guild polo shirt is available for you to purchase for the occasional, more formal event.

Currently available from our online shop:

  • Navy Polo shirts
  • Red Polo shirts
  • Trefoil Badge

Further information and details of a group in your area can be obtained from the current National Trefoil Guild Co-ordinator, Sally Mason, 

The Olave Baden-Powell Society

The Olave Baden-Powell Society is a global group who support the development of girls and young women. The Society builds the capital funds of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) which demonstrates and delivers democratic processes for girls and young women, adolescent health programmes, literacy, safe food and water education.

Some members have been or still are involved in Guiding, others have had little or no Guiding involvement, but choose this group for philanthropy focused on the development of girls and young women.

Membership is gained by a single donation, which may be delivered over five years, or through a legacy or a life insurance policy. Funds are invested through the WAGGGS investment and finance processes (an international UK registered charity), and the interest is available to WAGGGS for its work.

More information on how to join can be found here.


Young Women

We understand that young women aged between 17 – 35 years are going through one of the busiest times in their lives. That’s why this group provides the opportunity for young women to opt in and out of support or leadership roles as their time and commitments permit.

Through this group we aim to maintain contact with interested young women, so that when their circumstances or lifestyle changes, any decisions that might be made about volunteering includes a current awareness of GirlGuiding New Zealand.

Through this network, young women receive invitations to attend or help at events, participate in taskforces, or help with local initiatives. Plus, we communicate regularly about the latest information and news.

Apply now – no membership fee applies and there is no formal requirement to commit to anything, nor is there a minimum level of involvement expected.

Download the Network Application Form