Aotearoa -
Online Guiding

Aotearoa units deliver GirlGuiding
in a whole new way.

If you can’t attend a local unit for any reason, Aotearoa can deliver the Guiding programme via post, email, online - or even by text. Unit leaders work with you and your family to fit the programme to your circumstances. Aotearoa units are buddied with a local unit so they can participate in activity days and camps when possible.

Who should join Aotearoa Team?

There are lots of reasons why girls join Aotearoa Team units:

If you live far away from the nearest unit
If you have other activities on the night your local unit meets
If you are at boarding school
If you are on the waiting list to join a local unit

Enquire about joining the Aotearoa Team now!

Need more information?

If you've got questions about joining Aotearoa for the first time or transferring from another unit, email us or call 0800 22 22 92