7-9½ years

About Brownies

At Brownies, girls are finding their passions and learning more independence. They can start to take charge of what they do at Brownies. Some badges require girls to work together while others let girls explore their personal interests - from science and technology to creative arts and conservation.

I like that the
other girls know about
things that I don't know
and we share things.
- Lucy, 7 years

Here’s some of the adventures waiting for Brownies:

Sleep overnight in a tent
Try some fun science experiments
Get outdoors with new friends
Learn cooking and crafts
Horse riding
Learn first aid skills
Try abseiling

Community is a big part of Brownies

Girls discover new ways to make a difference in their world.

The coolest thing I've done is learn to make s'mores at camp. I like that I get to meet people I don't usually see at school each week. "
-Niamh, 8 years

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Our term membership fee of $90 (GST inclusive) will be FREE for all sections from 28 April until 3 July.

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What if there's no Guiding near me?

If there isn't Guiding near you, or if you can’t attend a local unit for any reason, you can join the Aotearoa Programme and have your Guiding delivered by post, email, online - or even by text.