9-12½ years

About Guides

Guides are busy exploring their world, from the backyard to the planets. Learn leadership skills and take on new challenges in the outdoors and your local community. You’ll find your passions and start learning how to take action in your world.

Fun and adventure is at the heart of Guides! It’s a special place to be a girl and connect with friends.

Guiding teaches me how
much the environment
means to us and teaches
me how to enjoy
doing things with friends.
- Hannah, 9 years

What do Guides do?

Learn to read a map
Learn to be smart with money
Build a shelter using ropes and poles
Find a geocache
Perform with your friends
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
Get creative with science
Become weather wise
Cook a feast outdoors
Take part in a tree-planting day in your community
"GirlGuiding lets me learn new challenges with other people and as we go through the same experience we get to know each other."
-Georgia, 10 years

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Our term membership fee of $90 (GST inclusive) will be FREE for all sections from 28 April until 3 July.

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What if there's no Guiding near me?

If there isn't Guiding near you, or if you can’t attend a local unit for any reason, you can join the Aotearoa Programme and have your Guiding delivered by post, email, online - or even by text.