Girl Guides For The Planet! – Conservation Week 2020

This week is National Conservation Week (15 – 23 August) here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and around the country our girls are doing some amazing things to help keep Aotearoa the beautiful place that it is. Whether at Pippins (5 – 6 year olds), Brownies (7- 9 year-olds), Guides (10 – 13 year olds) or Rangers (13 – 17 year-olds), our girls learn about the environment and their communities and what they can do to actively contribute to society.
Since it’s a special week for awareness about conservation, we wanted to share some of the awesome activities our girls have been doing!


Meika is a Brownie (who is doing our programme through Explore, our digital platform which delivers our programmes to girls anywhere in NZ) and she lives in Marlborough.

Here’s what Meika told us: “We went to help out with the Kaikoura Great Whale count. It was to help the Kaikoura Ocean Research institute count the Humpback whales as they migrated pasted Kaikoura. This helps them to track and record humpback whales on their annual migration, giving them an idea to the numbers in the region. On the first day at the top of a very tall hill we saw six whales !!! Then on the second day we saw four just off the coast line – it was awesome!!”


Everly is a Pippin (also doing our programme through Explore) from Auckland. To achieve her Wildlife Badge she has done a few conservation activities like scavenger hunt for bugs and made her very own bird feeder! Everly said “We didn’t find as many bugs as we thought we would (especially compared to bug hunting in our front yard in summer!). But we found lots of ants, some centipedes, a few spiders and some other slater type bugs under the wood stumps.”

To see more of the awesome things our girls get up to, follow us on our social media (Facebook and Instagram)!

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