GIRLPOWERED NZ – The Events You Love, With A Brand New Look

Around 3 years ago, we launched our Community Programme in Auckland to reach more girls in the community with one-off events to empower and inspire girls and young women. In the past 2 years we have extended our Community Programme to Christchurch and Wellington and now we bring you GIRLPOWERED NZ!

To boost awareness of the great events we offer to all girls – members and those who aren’t members – our ‘Community Programme’ events and activities now have their own programme name – ‘GirlPowered NZ’. This will enable us to promote these events more efficiently to a wider audience, as well as create social media platforms that aren’t targeted to current members.

Events or activities offered under the umbrella of the community programme will be referred to as a GirlPowered NZ Community event/activity, brought to you by GirlGuiding New Zealand. You’ll be hearing and seeing more from GirlPowered NZ in the coming months! 

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