Young Leader on the National Board – Vacancy

At the National Forum in 2022 we will elect a Young Leader to join the National Board. This is an
exciting time to be a part of the Governance at Guiding as we work to further embrace diversity,
inclusivity and technology.

The National Board is responsible for the governance of the affairs of the Association and the control
of its property and funds. The purpose of this role is to represent Young Leaders at Board level.
We are seeking applications from Leaders who can help us to expand the diversity and reach of
Guiding. You will be a Leader who has a passion and interest in helping the organisation grow and
thrive. You will be interested in seeing Guiding grow in terms of its diversity and reach and have
relevant experience which will support Board discussions around these important focus areas.

You will bring to the Board:

• The ability to think strategically, with the capability to drive the organisation towards the
achievement of an exciting vision;
• Knowledge and understanding of biculturalism, diversity and inclusion;
• An understanding of the role and responsibilities of governance;
• Expertise of Guiding and ideas about how to help the organisation grow and transform.

The Young Leader on the National Board has the following specific responsibilities:

• Communicates with young leaders on the National Forum on a regular basis keeping them
informed on issues affecting the Association;
• Understands and develops the role and responsibilities of an effective young leader
representative on the National Board;
• Represents the Board and the Board Chair at Queen’s Guide presentations and other youth
events as required

You will be a volunteer adult in Guiding (female or male), who will be less than 30 years old at the
time of appointment (June 2022). Most likely this will be your first national role and with this you
will bring new and different ideas. This is a three-year term, renewable for one further three-year

The National Board meet four times per year in person or virtually (on weekends) and there may be
a requirement for occasional additional videoconferences. Travel, accommodation, and meals are

The role descriptions (Board Member, and Board Member – Young Leader) and application form are
available on our website.

If you want to know more about the role, or just more about governance in general Ruby will be
running an online session on Sunday, 6th March at 7pm. You are not committing yourself to anything
by attending the session, email [email protected] for the link. If you wish to apply for this
position, please forward your completed application form and a covering letter to:

Chairperson of the National Nominations Committee
[email protected] by 5pm on Thursday 17th March 2022.

Find all needed role descriptions and application details on our governance page for Leaders.

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