Sponsor a Girl

Right now, more girls and families than ever need what GirlGuiding offers - connection, routine, normalcy, and friendship. Please donate below to support girls to participate in Guiding during the unprecedented times the world is facing.

Sponsor a Girl

GirlGuiding NZ acknowledges that some girls may not be able to continue Guiding, join or take part in extra activities and events, due to financial challenges on their families. Those families will be able to apply to We’ve Got You Girl for a financial grant to continue attending on a termly basis.   

All donations raised through the Sponsor a Girl Campaign will pay the cost of girls applying to ‘We’ve Got You Girl’ and provide girls with access to Guiding experiences. 

GirlGuiding NZ is a registered charity, therefore all donations over $5.00 are tax deductible.

We use Donorbox for processing donations however your data is only stored with GirlGuiding NZ and you can read our privacy statement here.


Another way to make a donation:
  • Directly to our bank account
    • Bank: Westpac
    • Name: GirlGuiding New Zealand
    • Account: 03 1592 0800013 00
    • Particulars: Your name
    • Reference: Donation or Sponsor a Girl (you decide how the donation is to be utilised)
      If you would like a receipt, please email [email protected] with the following information:

      • Your full name
      • Address
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