To provide the best possible programmes for girls it’s important to understand what today’s girls need. So we asked over three thousand Guiding and non-Guiding girls (ages 10-17) from New Zealand what’s important to them, and we found that spending time with their friends (79%) and doing well at school (71%) are two of their most valued activities.


Gender equality (32%), how women are represented in the media (70%) and the impact of social media (60%) are also issues that New Zealand girls care deeply about. The good news is that we know our programmes grow confident girls who feel more empowered to have an impact on these issues. In fact, 92% of parents who have daughters in Guiding say their daughter is more confident since she joined.

To discover more about what Kiwi girls are really thinking click here



We’ve been empowering girls all over the New Zealand for 111 years and believe supporting girls to grow into courageous women is more crucial than ever! We want to see more girls and young women feeling valued, inspired and empowered to take action to change their world. And we want YOU to be a part of it!


So, if you want to be a part of a girl-led group doing amazing things or know someone who wants to change their world. This is the place where girls can conquer their fears and develop a healthy lifestyle while caring about themselves and the environment. There’s more to us than camps and biscuits! Whether you’re 8 or 58, you can help bring more awesome to the world. Go here to find out how you can join us.



We’ll see you out there 😉



Background on the ‘What Matters?’ project

GirlGuiding New Zealand is proudly girl-led. Groups of girl representatives enable the voice of girls to be heard both within and outside GirlGuiding NZ at a local and national level. These girls are the representatives of the views of all girl members in the organisation and have opportunities to develop an agreed position to advocate for themselves and others within GirlGuiding NZ or add their voice to local, national and global issues that matter to all girls and young women.

An important part of being a girl-led organisation is the ability to engage with New Zealand girls – to listen to them, understand their needs and what’s important to them. The Ranger Advocacy Panel (RAP) includes up to ten 15-17 year olds who represent and promote the views of girls in New Zealand by finding out what matters to them, then advocating for positive change on their behalf.

Between 30 April and 18 July 2018 GirlGuiding New Zealand surveyed 3,324 girls aged 10 to 17 years across New Zealand using independent market research company Buzz Channel – to understand what matters to New Zealand girls. The Ranger Advocacy Panel (RAP) members worked alongside dedicated staff members and Buzz Channel to share this research that allows us to be able to confidently and accurately advocate on behalf of New Zealand girls. 

Click here to see the summary of the findings.

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