GirlGuiding NZ Members Sell Guide Biscuits For The Final Time

The iconic Guide biscuits are on sale across the country from 1 March as GirlGuiding New Zealand members set their stalls up one last time.

In May 2018, the GirlGuiding New Zealand Board decided to stop fundraising through the sale of Guide biscuits by its membership to focus more on its core purpose and programmes. GirlGuiding has have sold the beloved Guide biscuit for more than 60 years, and while they have been a huge part of GirlGuiding NZ’s culture, the organisation is looking forward to doubling down on its core purpose – empowering girls and young women.

Chief Executive Susan Coleman says the challenge is that GirlGuiding NZ is well known for camps and biscuits, but offers much more than that.

“Our vision is that all girls and young women are valued, inspired and empowered to take action to change their world and become leaders in their community,” said Ms Coleman.

“By focusing on growing our membership we hope to make Guiding available to more New Zealand girls and grow the numbers of confident, adventurous girls who are ready to be tomorrow’s leaders.”

We have a lot to offer

GirlGuiding NZ’s core purpose is to give girls and young women programmes that use fun, adventure and friendship to build their confidence and life skills so they can pursue their goals.

“More than 92 percent of parents feel their daughter’s confidence has grown from involvement in GirlGuiding NZ,” said Ms Coleman.

 “We’d like to extend our thanks to our members and volunteers for their support selling biscuits over the years, as well as all the people who have purchased our product.”

What’s next for Guide biscuits?

“We are continuing to work with our longstanding partner, The Griffin’s Food Company, on how Guide biscuits may continue to be distributed in New Zealand,” said Ms Coleman.

Where can I buy Guide biscuits?

Guide biscuits are on sale from 1-31 March. Find out where the girls will be selling in your area, or buy online at:

Media contact: Paige Fleming on 0800 22 22 92 ext 3712 or [email protected]


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2 years ago

What have you done to the biscuits they don’t taste the same ?

Sneha Pardeshi
Sneha Pardeshi
2 years ago
Reply to  Brent BARTLETT

The recipe hasn’t changed. It’s still the Kiwi favourite people know and love.

Brent Bartlett
Brent Bartlett
2 years ago
Reply to  Sneha Pardeshi

Nah something’s different didnt you change makers . Every one i have talked to about them said the same thing they taste different & where not happy about it i used to sit with my coffee 7 eat half a packet now just one or two is enough just dont have that yummy moreish taste sorry . i bet if you surveyed them you would get the same answer .

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