Member Spotlight: Sophia

Sophia is seven years old and is in Year 3 in Wellington. She participated in ALL #youbetheguide Challenges and we asked her and her mum how they have found the experience. This is what she told us…

An interesting fact you think everyone should know:
I like telling jokes and making up my own jokes! I like being silly and don’t mind looking silly!
I love sleeping! 😊

What do you want to be when you grow up?
(excerpt from her school writing activity) I want to become a good chef and a kind teacher. I want to become a chef because I like cooking and baking. I want to become a teacher because I want to teach other people and I want to research about awesome things and figure out interesting facts.

How have you stayed busy during lockdown?
Our family played lots of board games and card games; some are even made-up games! I did some baking and car-washing with my Dad, practised guitar playing and continued karate training with my brother, and did my school home learning with my mum. We had family walks, we discovered some beautiful walking tracks near our house which we never knew before! We also had family movie and videogame nights. I also learned yoga from cosmic kids yoga in YouTube. And of course, we did the Virtual Group Guiding challenges! 😊

What do you love about Girl Guides?
I love the activities because they are fun and they feel like adventures. I’m enjoying meeting new friends outside my school. I also like the singing and the games we play. Being there always makes me feel happy, excited and safe.

What has been your favourite challenge?
The Dine in the Dark Earth Hour is my favourite! We already made it a regular thing in our family every Saturday night. We have a light meal then play different games like charades and made up other games, too! I came up with a storytelling game and a questioning game like each of us will ask a “Would you rather… or…?” question and some were very silly ideas! And I like that it is also good for the environment as well!

What have you learnt while being at Girl Guides?
I learned that going outdoors and trying new things can be fun and are like adventures. I also learned some new exercises, games and songs and how to keep myself safe.

What did you enjoy about Virtual Group Guiding?
I love the challenges because there was a lot about doing art and crafts and that I could easily do them at home. It made me explore a lot and think of ideas! I think all of the challenges were about being creative so it was really fun! I also loved it because I got to do it with my family.

How long have you been in GirlGuiding NZ?
I just started in February this year.

What are you looking forward to in your Unit?
I am looking forward to making friends with all of the girls in my unit. I didn’t get the chance to get to know all of them yet because I just started. So I am really looking forward to the face-to-face meetings again!

What is your favourite badge and what did you have to do for it?
My first badge is the one for the Huntleigh Ropes Course. I was so scared to do it at first because it was my first time to do a ropes course. But when I did it, I felt really proud of myself and I know I won’t be scared to do more ropes courses again.

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