Increase in Term Allowance from Term 3, 2022

We are pleased to share that from Term 3, 2022, we will be increasing the term allowance for Leaders to spend on resources and experiences for girls by $5 to $25 per term, per girl.

The experience girls have while at Guiding is essential to their learning, enjoyment and skills that they develop. That is why we feel it is critical to invest more in what leaders are able to spend each term, to ensure a high-quality, fun and engaging experience for our rangatahi.

Another reason we have made this change is that we are conscious that costs have been rising and this places additional pressure on you as Leaders to be able to deliver the programme to girls. And while our overall financial position needs to be considered when increasing our spending, we see no greater investment than in the girl experience and are happy to be able to make this change.

The $25 per girl, per term allowance will be loaded onto Leaders’ P-cards from 13th July.

Thank you for everything you do as volunteers, and we hope that Term 3 will be a great one for you and our girls.

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