Important Dates – Term 3 Girl Fee Invoices & Payments to PCards

If you have girls starting in Term 3 please do not add them to your unit until the 10th of July or they will be issued an automatic invoice for the remainder of Term 2. 

Sunday – 10 July 2022

If you have girls in your unit who are not returning for Term 3 2022 but are awaiting badges so need to stay on OGM, please advise Kerry Palm [email protected] before midnight Sunday 10 July so parents are not sent an invoice for Term 3, 2022.

In preparation for Term 3 Girl Programme Credits, OGM needs to be updated with any changes to girl numbers in your unit before midnight Tuesday 12 July. 

Saturday – 16 July 2022 – PCard Payments – Leaders

All PCards held by Leaders for Girl Programme Expenses will have their Term 3 2022 Girl Programme Credit available on their PCards.

Saturday – 16 July 2022 – PCard Payments – Team Budgets

All PCards held for Local Co-ordinator & Regional Hub roles with Large Teams will have the 50% balance of their 2022 Budget available on their PCard.  LC & RHC Annual Budgets are as follows

               Large team: 20+ Leaders $200

               Medium team: 6-20 Leaders $100

               Small Team 1-5 Leaders $50


Kay Grenfell

Finance Team Leader

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