Hear from Bevan, parent of one of our Pippins

Bevan is a parent of one of our Pippins and he has a special message for you this Christmas!

“My name is Bevan and I have a daughter, charlotte and she has been a Pippin for almost a year now.

During lockdown, pippins and the activities still continued. Massive shout out to all the leaders involved because what we would find is activities popped into our letterboxes, whilst we were struggling to keep up with most things, Pippins did not miss a beat throughout that period and really big respect to everyone involved.

So the role that I see as a parent of guiding playing in the future is really basic good old fashioned connection,  all these kids are doing rad activities together and are encouraged to work things out and work together.”

Please give big and donate to GirlGuiding NZ this Christmas.

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