GirlGuiding NZ encourages girls into STEM

GirlGuiding NZ is a firm believer in encouraging more girls into STEM subjects. Simply put, getting more women in STEM starts with getting more girls in STEM. By providing opportunities for girls to get involved in these subjects, we allow more girls to consider these pathways for their future.

What better way to fire up girls’ appetites for a career in STEM than sending them to Space Camp?

Earlier this year, three 12 year old Guides from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch became the third delegation of Girl Guides attending Space Camp at the US Space and Rocket Centre in Alabama, USA.

Hermione, Xian and Meredith joined the Girl Scouts of America Destination Programme for the ultimate experiential learning opportunity to see science in action. Their experiences included team mission challenges, rocket construction and launch, mission patch design and hands-on learning about items in everyday life which have come from the science of space.

“I would like to end up a Mission Flight Director. This position is responsible for weather and launching sites. To reach that goal I’ll need to focus mainly on engineering, mathematics and science.” – Hermione, 13 years

The camp was a unique opportunity for New Zealand girls to be challenged and inspired and meet like-minded girls whom are passionate about science.

Check out The Project NZ‘s piece on girls in STEM featuring 13 year old Guide, Hermione.


GirlGuiding NZ continues its quest to bring more girls into STEM with public pop-up events for girls in Auckland – check out Edible Science I & II.

Is it time you embraced more STEM? #YOUBETHEGUIDE

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