How Much Do You Value Friendship?

Now things are ‘back to normal’ it is great that we have been able to return to the complete Guiding programme. However, some of our young people continue to be deeply affected.

For some girls, making good friends can be difficult. Many girls face being teased for no apparent reason, feeling left out and on the outside of jokes. For 11½-year-old Maisie, this problem was real – her ‘friend’ group at school wasn’t working that well.

You can read Maisie’s full story here.

Maisie decided to make a positive change in her life. She realised that it was at Guides where she was most happy and committed herself to Guiding where she knew she had a supportive group of people around her. She pushed herself to join in more at the local guide group and started to feel as though she was being included, listened to, and valued as an individual.


Donations are essential to help girls like Maisie. So please, donate today to ensure girls are supported tomorrow. Your donation will do so much more than support our mission. It will celebrate the spirit of giving, help strengthen our communities, and give girls like Maisie a place to make positive change!

· For $90 we can deliver our term programme in a supportive environment, helping girls build resilience and encouraging kindness and friendships.

· A gift of $180 ensures a safe space for girls to meet; and meetings are often the brightest part of their week!

· A special Christmas donation of $360 could cover a full year of recruiting and training a volunteer leader, helping a new unit get off the ground or developing exciting new activities – a space where lifelong friendships are created.

Please donate today to ensure girls like Maisie are supported tomorrow.



· By phone 03 366 8409 (Option 5)

· Directly into our bank account

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