Brownie Progression Badges

Based on your feedback, we have setup new Brownie Koru Badges in OGM. 

In OGM you will now see the following badges

What this means
  • There are currently two versions of each badge to allow time for the cross crediting to be done. The (old) badges will be made read-only from the end of Term 2 2023.
  • You need to cross credit your records from the Green Koru (old), Silver Koru (old), and Gold Koru (old) badges to the new Green Koru, Silver Koru, and Gold Koru badges.
  • You can see exactly where your Brownies are up to on one screen instead of looking at several screens or having a separate spreadsheet.
  • The new badges need to be manually updated, they will not self populate based on completion of other badges. The only exception to this is to complete the Silver Koru, the Green Koru needs to be Due or Awarded, and to complete the Gold Koru, the Silver Koru needs to be Due or Awarded.
What the badges look like with all requirements within the badges

Green Koru

Silver Koru

Gold Koru

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