Applications to the we’ve got you girl fund opens tomorrow 5th of October 2023


GirlGuiding NZ acknowledges that some girls may not be able to continue Guiding, join, or participate in additional events and activities due to financial challenges their families are experiencing. GirlGuiding NZ has a financial grant called ‘We’ve Got You Girl’, that relies on individuals donating funds to provide girls with access to Guiding experiences. If you are reading this and can support the fund and its mission, you can do so via the link below.


Priority for access to funds, as they are available, will go to girls and their families impacted by changed circumstances affecting their ability to pay their term fees. Factors such as redundancies or job losses will be a top priority, along with other changed circumstances such as family illness resulting in financial hardship, as funds allow. This fund is also open for tamāhine of volunteers.


Current Girl Members 
In allocating available funds, consideration will be given to the following factors: 

  • The girl’s length of involvement with Guiding and supporting continuation of this where possible.
  • Number of girls from the one family involved in Guiding.
  • Availability of places in any relevant unit
  • Alternative options such as Virtual Group Guiding, where units are full
  • Participation in events/activities or a Discovery if funding is available.


New Members 

Depending on the level of funds available and number of grants to existing members, consideration may also be given to applications from girls who are new to Guiding. If your tamāhine is not a current member of GirlGuiding NZ, you will need to fill in the membership enquiry form as well as the We’ve Got You Girl application.

Acceptance of your tamāhine into Guiding will depend on whether a relevant unit has a place available for another girl to join that unit. 

Places are allocated based on approved adult to child supervision levels in accordance with GirlGuiding NZ’s Safety Requirements for Programme Activities.  

  • Applications for Term 4, 2023 grants open Thursday 5 October and close on Friday 13 October  Applicants can be funded for a maximum of two terms; this is dependent on funds available.

  • Please complete this form by Friday 13th of October 2023.

Please Click Here To Apply. 

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