What’s it like Being a Girl Guide?

The author of this piece, Hannah, has been a part of GirlGuiding NZ since her childhood. She joined as a Pippin (girl aged 5 to 7). She had a great experience when her mum, Jo, became a volunteer leader of Pippins in the small community in Leeston. She also shares how grateful she is to have an awesome leader – Buzz. Here is what Hannah has to say about her experience.

“Now that 8 years of being a girl guide, starting as a Pippin, are coming to an end, I have been thinking of some of the best times I have had. Starting as a Pippin, I remember the Pippin shout the most. As a 5-year-old it was fun to be able to shout inside! Going up to Brownies our unit was small and my mum became the leader, so I could keep going on adventures. My most favorite memory is hard to choose because there have been so many memorable meetings, trips, and camps. One of the most recent camps (that) I enjoyed was the ‘Lost in the Woods Camp’ our unit did. I was able to help the leaders with some of the planning leading up to my camp skills badge. Being one of the oldest girls at this camp, I was able to be in control a bit more of the younger girls and start to share with them some of the skills I have learnt at guides. Some of these skills are – testing the gas is connected properly to the cooker, how to safely light matches and cookers, along with cooking, and then enjoying what we made. This camp was also hard as I had to put up a square/canvas tent with wooden poles and ropes which was hard. It was also really satisfying when we were able to get it up to store our food! When I planned my final camp, I realised how much planning and effort went into all the other amazing camps and events that I have been to over the years. One of the people I am most happy to have had as a leader, is my Guide leader Buzz. She has given so much of her time, enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge to me. I would not have been able to achieve my final guiding badge, Aoraki, without her and will always remember her encouragement and support whenever I needed it. GirlGuiding and my leaders have made me a more confident person and given me great leadership skills I will take with me for life.” 

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