We are thrilled to announce that we now have Guide Pink Biscuits – thanks to Griffins! 

Naturally, we’re excited about this new product and grateful for this extra support. But even more exciting is the opportunity to promote Guiding.

We thought about how to leverage this latest addition to the Biscuit family to promote Guiding to our local communities.

Local Profile Opportunity

Woolworths-owned supermarkets (Countdown, FreshChoice and SuperValue) will have the biscuits in store from 6 March 2023 while stocks last. Remember, $1 from every packet sold will be donated back to GirlGuiding NZ!

Countdown has agreed to us having some girls in-store foyers to tell/show them what Guiding offers, maybe by undertaking a fun, creative (and safe) activity that can be open to public participation (store managers would need to approve this activity for Health and Safety reasons).

This would be an excellent opportunity for the local promotion of your unit/local team, but this is entirely optional for our members, including Leaders. To help you decide about doing an activity here is some more information:

  • Promotion can occur anytime from 6 March onwards for the month of March.
  • You will need to be in uniform, and you could set up a stand with fliers advertising what Guiding and your unit/local team does.
  • Your unit might be interested in doing this for a couple of hours (any time commitment would be up to individual units – there is no recommendation from National office or Countdown)
  • You can arrange this with a group of leaders, parents, or girls or set it up as an event on OGM. We will leave this to your discretion. But please remember to complete a Safety Action Plan, as girls will be out and about in the community.
  • If you have a laptop or tablet, show GirlGuiding videos (links are in the pdf document attached)
  • Have a way for new girls and potential new leaders to sign up. Directing to the website is best, but a signup sheet can also help.
  • Take photos!

When and Where to From Here

We recommend doing this in the first two to three weeks that the Pink Guide Biscuits are on sale. (i.e. w/c 6 March, w/c 13 March or w/c 20 March). Of course, the presence of Guiding members would raise awareness of the Pink Guide Biscuits for sale in-store.

If this is for you, check to see if there is a store near you:

Discuss with your fellow leaders and girls.

Reach out to your team’s relevant volunteer team members and see if there are others to share the experience with.

From there, it would be a matter of contacting your local store manager and booking some time that suits you and your girls.

Biscuits are sold in Countdown, SuperValue and FreshChoice stores, so this opportunity extends to them, but please check that they have the Pink Guide Biscuits in store.

And – please take photos (with permission) and send them to [email protected] with your unit’s name, which Supermarket you were at and when. Countdown would like to share these photos with their staff.

Suggested Activities

We know that our volunteers are VERY creative, and we are happy for you to do any activities or promotions relevant to you, your girls and your local area.

We would like you to think of what sort of excitement you can create that is different from other stalls you have seen outside supermarkets. But please remember, customers are there to do their shopping and might not want to engage, so please don’t be too disruptive!

National Office has promotional flyers, please get in touch with the Volunteer Experience team if you need any.

Click here to download a pdf with some key stores and suggested videos you could show.

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