Volunteer Spotlight: Yasmin

Yasmin is one of our awesome volunteers who’s been involved with GirlGuiding NZ for around 12 years. Over this time she has taken different roles and has experienced a variety of events. Check out her testimonial below!

“A little about me. Firstly, outside of GirlGuiding NZ I am a Radiographer and Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I have spent many hours studying and working at my local hospital and love how rewarding the work can be. In GirlGuiding NZ I’m currently a Pippins (girls 5-6 years old) and Rangers (girls 13-17 years old) group meeting Leader. I thoroughly enjoy both age groups. Spending time with the girls, seeing them grow and learn through the many different experiences we have for them is always rewarding for me. I also love that I have seen a few go on to become Leaders throughout New Zealand.

“I have also held a few other roles, spending time co-ordinating biscuit sales in the past, attending National Forums, at training workshops and mentoring other volunteer Leaders. In my role as Regional Young Leader Co-ordinator in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland – Regional hub 2), I get to see what Young Leaders in my region get up to and the different adventures that they undertake each year. My Young Leader Co-ordinator role has given me many opportunities to share the knowledge that I have gained with others, as they too become Leaders and look for ways to extend themselves both in their groups and in the wider community.

“I have met many other Young Leaders at Jamborees and national events that I still run into when I am around the country. But also I love to meet Leaders in my area and enjoy organising get-together events to engage the Young Leaders. It gives everyone an opportunity to meet others outside of their groups and local teams.

“More recently I have enjoyed being a part of the leadership team for the Auckland Queen’s Guide Retreat and inspiring the next generation of Young Leaders and Connect (young Leader alumnae group) members to continue on their journeys. I enjoyed hearing and seeing pictures of what our Connect members have done to achieve their awards this year and look forward to having more members complete their award next year.

“COVID-19 has made it tricky to do many things this year. But I am looking forward to being able to have a get together for Connect members and Young Leaders in my region just before Christmas so that we can start a fresh next year, and continue to enjoy the many opportunities available to us.”


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