Become a volunteer
Event Leader!

Our volunteer Event Leaders come from a wide range of places, ages, and backgrounds.

They all share a desire to use their skills and passion to give back to their community and help build happy, confident and resilient young women.

That’s what we’re all about!

When you volunteer to be an Event Leader you’ll get:

  • All the training and resources you need (no experience required!)
  • Full ongoing support from our local and national teams
  • Flexibility to choose the events you want to be involved with
  • Choice of the age group(s) of girls you work with


From a personal perspective, you’ll also get:

  • Lasting connections with other Leaders locally and around NZ
  • Opportunities to build on your leadership skills
  • Valuable experience within the non-profit sector
  • The knowledge you’re making a real, tangible impact on girls’ lives!

Enquire about being an Event Leader!

  • Privacy statement

    In compliance with the Privacy Act (1993) I give permission for this information to be held electronically. The information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without your prior approval.

    Any successful application will be conditional on receipt of a satisfactory police check, an interview, and contact information of two referees, to help ascertain how you relate to children, your communication skills and your ability to work in a team. Dependent upon the volunteer role applied for, we may also need verification of a current Covid-19 Pass. If any false or misleading information is given or any material facts suppressed, any appointment made may be terminated.