Superhero Students who bring more awesome to the world!

Our volunteers are at the forefront of our work, empowering girls and young women to develop into confident and adventurous leaders in their communities! Whether teaching them about other cultures through games or exploring the outdoors while camping, their work is truly at the heart of what we do.

Since it’s Student Volunteer Week, we’re excited to share with you the stories of some of our volunteers, who find the time between their studies, to help us inspire the next generation of girls and young women!

Caitlin is in her second year at Auckland University, doing a BA in Psychology and Communication. She has been involved in Guiding since she joined as a Pippin, at 5 years old. Over 15 years later, and with some breaks in between, she’s now leading a group of Brownies (7-9 years old) in their adventures, teaching them new skills and encouraging them to try new challenges.

For Caitlin “the most rewarding part of volunteering is knowing you’re giving back to the community and sharing some of your own skills and knowledge. Within Guiding, it’s so rewarding to know you are having an impact on the girls’ lives, teaching them valuable lessons and giving them opportunities they will hopefully remember for the rest of their lives.”

Unlike Caitlin, Mia has been involved in Guiding for only a little over a year. What started with one comment on Facebook, turned into one year of fun and adventures leading a group of Guides (9-12 years old). While balancing practicums from her Education Degree, Mia is learning the ropes of Guiding, improving her leadership and communication skills by working with both children and adults.

Mia told us “one exciting moment was taking the girls to Vector Wero to try white water rafting. The girls had an awesome time, especially jumping into the rapids from the edge and floating down. I get a lot of joy out of being involved in GirlGuiding and knowing that I’m putting my time to good use.”

More than fun and adventure, the fact is, 93% of New Zealand employers believe that volunteering is a credible way to get real-work experience (according to Seek Volunteer research). So, what are you waiting for? Go here to see how you can join us to bring more awesome to the world.

We’ll see you out there 😊

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