Special Message from Molly ❤️ This Christmas Donate Big!

Molly is one of our awesome girl members, and this Christmas she has a special message to you! Take a look below.

“My name is Molly, I am 12 years old and I have been doing Guides for 5-6 years.  

I like guides because you can learn lots of life skills, learn about knots and cooking.  

During the lock down I found it really amazing how quickly we could adapt to zoom, I learnt a lot about what we need and what we didn’t need, what we wasted our time on and what we could spend our time on. It was just so great we could do it over zoom instead of cancelling it.  

I think GirlGuiding in the future is really important because we do lots of stuff about the environment, we learnt lots of tools and tricks that I feel are important. They can empower people, they can build courage. Go for it, give it a try. I LOVE GIRL GUIDES!”

Please give big and donate to GirlGuiding NZ this Christmas.  

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