Now is the time to recognize and nominate the amazing volunteers you work with! The 2023 GirlGuiding NZ Regional & National Awards process is underway. More information and nomination forms are on the website.

Following the Recognition and Celebration of Volunteers Review undertaken in 2022, a number of changes have been made to simplify our Recognition (awards) Framework and make the awards criteria and processes easier to understand.

Service bars will continue to be presented from 5 years of service. These are calculated every year from a specific cut off date using your information in OGM. For this reason, it may be the following year before you receive a Service bar. 

The Regiona Awards are Te Ara, Te Kaiarahi and Arataki.

The National Awards are Fern, Totara, Kauri, Kiwi and Greenstone. 

On the website, you will find the Leadership Recognition (Awards) Framework resource. 
This document includes a summary of the recognition framework (including quick reference guide), full award criteria and examples and guidelines for completing nomination forms.

Please be sure to check out the updated information and forms online and nominate volunteers in your team today! 

Please send any nomination forms to your Regional Hub Coordinator or where you do not have a coordinator, please send your forms to [email protected] for consideration by Regional Hub Award Committees. Forms are due 30 June 2023 (or other local arrangements shared directly). 

If you have any questions, please ask your Regional Hub Coordinator or where you do not have a coordinator [email protected]


Thanks Fiona Bradley
Awards Portfolio Holder

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