Pen Pals

Do you like sending emails or writing letters to other girls involved in GirlGuiding?

We’d love to match you up with someone. We have several countries waiting to hear from New Zealand Pippins, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

Penpal writing tips and advice:

Remember you should always use the Internet safely with an adult’s guidance or supervision. See our child safety page for more details but check out these key pointers:

  1. When you first make contact with a new person don’t use your own home e-mail address initially – use a temporary one you’ve made especially on Hotmail or Gmail, for example.
  2. Always avoid giving out your full name and address when writing on the internet.
  3. Never make arrangements to meet someone you write to on the internet unless a parent or guardian, or a leader is part of the process. Your caregiver or leader should be aware of who you’re writing to so they can help you make decisions about meeting or more contact.
  4. Many sites that post penpal names do not monitor the people who post names or write messages. Just as you must be wary of strangers in person, you need to be cautious online.

Remembering all this, do have fun. There are lots of really nice fellow Girl Guides out there to write to over the Internet. Just remember to be aware and be a Savvy Surfer!


If you’re over nine years and would like to be in contact with someone in another country, either through writing letters or emailing, then fill in our form below and we will get back to you.

Other good ways of finding penpals are through people you already know such as through friends living abroad, or by searching the Internet for troop or group websites.

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