Our Top 10 Boredom Busters for Christmas Holidays

The lengthy Christmas school holidays are a time when we make great family memories, however it’s also a time when, as parents, we feel like we’re really being put through our paces.

To help you keep the ‘jingle’ in your Christmas spirit we’ve come up with ten great boredom busters to keep the kids occupied on those days when the dreaded phrase “WE’RE BORED!” gets thrown around on high rotation.


  1. Participate in a neighbourhood or beach clean-up and pick up 20 pieces of rubbish from the park or beach
  2. Have a water balloon and/or Nerf gun fight. Build defence forts beforehand and try and knock each other’s down
  3. Hold a family Masterchef challenge; a baking competition or cupcake/cookie decorating competition
  4. Ask kids to host a picnic in the park for their friends. They do the shopping, preparing and packing of treats.
  5. Learn about the different constellations (Ngā Whetū) and spend a night star gazing in the grass
  6. Make and POP! giant bubbles
  7. Learn how to make origami animals
  8. Find a giant cardboard box and go hill-sliding
  9. Start a journal and get creative while organising your life
  10. Clean up and put aside any unused toys and clothes to donate to a charity

As Earl Nightingale once said, “You’ll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea.”

And if all the above fails, don’t worry, there’s a school of thought that argues boredom is good for us – get the kids to Google it!

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