OGM Badge Tidy Up

We are in the process of having a badge tidy up for each section within OGM. We are removing any badges pre 2018 that are not current badges as girls will have aged out of these sections now. This includes any badges that are not official GGNZ badges. The description has been updated on badges that have been made read only and a date when they will be deleted in the future. These dates have been taken based on when the badge was created, or edited last. Ranger Interest Certificates will be made read-only as part of this process. With the programme currently being reviewed our intention is to have these set up as official certificates ready for launch in 2023. If there is a badge you are still using, please email [email protected] with the details on the badge you would like made editable again. 

Also a reminder that the following badges will be made read-only in OGM after the badge download on 12 September as they will no longer be current badges:

  • Walk a Mile (This badge was replaced by the Heart, Body & Mind badge in September 2020)
  • World Thinking Day 2022
  • Māoritanga (This badge was replaced by the Te Ao Māori badge in April 2022)

Ngā mihi nui,

GGNZ Development Team

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1 year ago

Very happy to see this change!