New PCard Guidelines & How-To 

Finally – the PCard Guidelines document is available for coding & providing your receipts using Visa Spend Clarity for Enterprise. This is a step by step guide for both the website and mobile app versions of Visa Spend Clarity and is specific to GirlGuiding NZ.  You will be able to find the Guide via this link and also on the website in the Finance area. 

I recommend all PCard holders read pages 2-5 for the Basics and some helpful FAQ’s around your PCard use. This includes the announcement that you can now use your PCard for international purchases and can also purchase gift cards/petrol vouchers for specific situations. More information is contained in the Guide.  

We acknowledge that some of you are still having issues logging in to Visa Spend Clarity and we have been contacting individuals to work through this. If you have emailed to advise that you can’t log in we will be in touch however we appreciate your patience as this is a time consuming process but dealing with it individually has been very successful. 

I have been receiving some really positive feedback about how handy it is to be able to see your PCard balance and transactions easily, which was one of our major goals. Thank you for letting us know that we have achieved that. 



Kay Grenfell, Finance Team Leader – [email protected] 

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