Guide and Ranger Jamboree 

  • Venue: Tui Ridge, Rotorua
  • Date: TBC 2022

Due to the social and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, GirlGuiding New Zealand has made the difficult decision to postpone Jamboree 2021. 

Jamboree will now be held in January 2022, with exact dates still to be determined. 

Jamboree is by far our largest event, for approximately 1,500 girl members. As it is our flagship event, we want all involved to have an enjoyable and memorable time.

The controls wisely implemented by the New Zealand government to flatten the curve and help protect New Zealand from a severe peak in COVID-19 cases will affect our ability to deliver an event that offers fun, challenges and international Guiding connections to our members within the current timeframe 

We know both Leaders and girls have been looking forward to a Guide and Ranger Jamboree in 2021 and postponing is not a decision made lightly. It is made with the needs of our wider community in mind, and the goal of delivering the best possible Jamboree.   

Please read the FAQs below for more information. If they don’t answer your question, you can email us at [email protected].

FAQs About Postponement

Q: Why is Jamboree being postponed when it doesn’t occur until January 2021?  

A: Our first priority is ensuring we can deliver a safe and successful event that provides a wonderful experience for all who attend. At this stage there is too much uncertainty, both in New Zealand and around the world, to be sure we can deliver achieve that by January 2021

Q: Will the 2022 Jamboree still be for Guides and Rangers?

A: Yes. There will be concurrent Guide and Ranger events in 2022.  

Q: I will be too old for Guide/Ranger event in 2022. What can I do? 

A: Girls who have aged out of Guides will be able to attend the Ranger event. We will extend the upper age limit for the Ranger event to ensure that any girl member who wants to attend is not constrained by age.  

Q: Our unit has already started fundraising. What should we do with any money already raised? 

A: You will be able to hold any funds already gathered over for the 2022 event. The postponement allows you more time to fundraise and may mean more of your event fee is covered.  

Q: Can GirlGuiding NZ provide a letter explaining the postponement to any existing funders/suppliers? 

A: Yes. Please email [email protected]nz to arrange.

Fundraising Pack

Jamboree is often the highlight of a girl’s time in GirlGuiding so we want to help all girls who want to attend to be able to afford it. Here are some documents to help make the most of fundraising:

  • Fundraising for Jamboree 2022 – PDFThe ‘Dos and Don’ts’ on fundraising for Jamboree, what to do with funds raised, local support and other information
  • A to Z Fundraising ideas – PDFA comprehensive list of activities you can do either by yourself or as a unit to raise some funds
  • Sponsorship form – PDFTo use if you are doing any sponsored activities
  • Example letters for support – WORDTo use or modify for when you are approaching family/friends/service groups or organisations
  • Using Givealitte – PDFUse this guide if you are looking to create a Givealittle page.

Below are some companies we have connected with to help girls reach their fundraising target:

  • The Honey Fund (NZ Premium Honey) – PDF
  • BHoney Fundraiser – PDF
  • The Delicious NZ Fundraiser Cookbook – PDF
  • Honewrap Fundraiser – PDF
  • Cooking4Change Book – PDF
  • The Soap Factory Ltd – PDF (Account Application Form)