• Venue: Mystery Creek Events Centre
  • Date: 8 – 15 January 2022

Due to the social and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, GirlGuiding New Zealand has made the difficult decision to postpone Jamboree 2021. Jamboree will now be held from 8 – 15 January 2022 at Mystery Creek Events Centre in Hamilton. Jamboree is by far our largest event, for approximately 1,500 girl members. As it is our flagship event, we want all involved to have an enjoyable and memorable time.

The controls wisely implemented by the New Zealand government to flatten the curve and help protect New Zealand from a severe peak in COVID-19 cases will affect our ability to deliver an event that offers fun, challenges and international Guiding connections to our members within the current timeframe.  

We know both Leaders and girls have been looking forward to a Guide and Ranger Jamboree in 2021 and postponing is not a decision made lightly. It is made with the needs of our wider community in mind, and the goal of delivering the best possible Jamboree.   

Please read the FAQs below for more information. If they don’t answer your question, you can email us at [email protected].


We are still looking to fill a few roles for Jamboree 2022, including Catering Lead, who will be a member of the Jamboree 2022 committee. If you are interested in being part of the team delivering Jamboree 2022, please fill out an Expression of Interest form by Thursday 26 November. All enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Catering Lead [Catering Team Lead Role Description]; this person does not have to be a Leader. 

Our venue for Jamboree 2022 at Mystery Creek Events Centre allows for innovative approaches to catering. The Catering Lead role will be different to previous Jamborees. It is less about finding someone to manage cooking for 2,000 people, and more about searching for ways to do things differently.  

We’re looking for someone to think innovatively about the catering pipeline, from how food is sourced and delivered to how we manage food waste.  

Options such as getting food delivered for parts of the camp, including social enterprises like Eat My Lunch, are all up for consideration.  

Catering Second in Charge 

The Catering Lead will be supported by a 2IC – we are also looking for Expressions of Interest for this role. For an idea of what this would entail please read the Team Lead Role description.


Our Jamboree Committee members are also looking for several 2IC roles (Expressions of interest for all these roles should be submitted by Thursday 26 November)

Ranger Programme – Assistant Leader (Onsite programming)  

Assist in developing the onsite Ranger Programme (approx. two – three days worth of activities) while working closely with the Guide Programme team to dovetail on activities/ programmes. For an idea of what this would entail please read the Team Lead Role description – Ranger Programme Team Lead RD.

Girl Consultation Second in Charge  
Making sure our programme is girl–led is the key role of the Girl Consultation team. The Girl Consultation 2IC will work alongside the Lead to ensure that GirlGuiding New Zealand’s girl-led principles and processes are an integral part of the event planning and delivery. For an idea of what this would entail please read the Team Lead Role description – Girl Consultation Team Lead RD.

Financial Support Second in Charge 
The Financial Support 2IC assists the Lead to work to ensure that the event operates within an agreed budget and within delegated authority. For an idea of what this would entail please read the Team Lead Role description – Financial Support Team Lead RD.

Site Second in Charge and Equipment Second in Charge   

There are two specialist roles to support the Site and Equipment Lead – Site Second in Charge and Equipment Second in Charge. Ideally the Site Second in Charge will be a Waikato local or someone with experience at Mystery Creek.  

The Site and Equipment roles will support the Lead to plan and implement the site layout and site services. Works to co–ordinate the provision of equipment in all areas except programme. For an idea of what these roles would entail please read the Team Lead Role description – Site and Equipment Team Lead RD

Expressions of interest for all these roles should be submitted by Thursday 26 November.


Group Leaders [Group Leader Role Description

A Group Leader leads a team to ensure the smooth running of a group of approximately 300 girls and Leaders, following the jamboree programme, and maintaining a happy and safe camping environment throughout the event. 

It is a uniformed volunteer role and successful applicants will need to be experienced outdoor campers who hold the Outdoor Camp qualification. 

We will need several Group Leaders so please do consider applying! 

Please submit your Expression of Interest by Monday 30 November.  

Further questions should be directed to [email protected]


  • Who can attend?

Guides aged 9 as of 1 February 2022 will be able to attend the Guide Jamboree. Rangers aged 12 and a half as of 1 February 2022 will be able to attend the Ranger Jamboree. We will be inviting Guides, Rangers and Leaders from our WAGGGS sister countries as well.   

  • My daughter turns nine soon after the cut off date (1 February 2022). Can she still attend?

No. While we’d like to be able to open the event to as many girls as possible, we had to determine a date and we do need to stick to it. Your daughter will be eligible for future Guide or Ranger events. 

  • When is Jamboree?

Jamboree 2022 will take place from 8 – 15 January 2022.  

  • Where will Jamboree 2022 be held?

It will be held at the Mystery Creek Event Centre in the Waikato, 15 minutes from the Hamilton CBD and two minutes from Hamilton Airport.  

  • How do we register? 

All eligible girls will be invited to register via OGM when registrations open – TBC

  • How much will Jamboree cost?

The fee for the Guide Jamboree is still to be decided. Once confirmed an announcement will go out to parents and Leaders.  

  • I want to be in the same Jamboree unit as my friend. Will this happen? 

Jamboree is all about meeting Guides and Rangers from all over New Zealand and the World, however we do try to make sure each girl has at least one familiar face in their Jamboree unit.   

  • What will the theme for Jamboree be?



  • I can’t afford the Jamboree fee. What should I do?

Every Jamboree we have individual Guides and Rangers fundraising so as many girls from their units can afford to attend. Individual fundraising is strongly encouraged.   

  • How can we fundraise for Jamboree? 

Please refer to the below guidelines on fundraising and this list of suggestions to get you started – PDF 

  • How will the funds raised by girls be managed?

Unit fundraising must be banked directly to Girls OGM Accounts by a Leader of the Unit as per the Jamboree 2022 Fundraising Document.  It is essential that the girls individual 12 digit code is used to ensure the funds are allocated correctly. Ideally fundraising should be banked regularly so parents can see this going into their girls account. Please ensure all fundraising is banked by 15 September to give parents the opportunity to pay the balance owed before the due date. In the Fundraising for Jamboree document it does suggest to hold a parent meeting to promote the Jamboree and find out who is interested in group fundraising so that would be a good time to discuss how the fundraising should be spread, then everyone knows from the outset how it will be managed.  

  • What happens to funds raised if a girl can no longer attend Jamboree? 


  • What is the cancellation policy for Jamboree?

The cancellation policy is in line with all GirlGuiding New Zealand events. Up until the confirmation date, you can cancel your participation and receive a refund. After the confirmation date no refunds will be given, except in exceptional circumstances.   

  • What happens to our deposit / fee if GirlGuiding NZ has to cancel Jamboree? 

If circumstances require GirlGuiding NZ to cancel the event, any fees not already disbursed/assigned will be refunded.   

  • Will I get to choose the activities I want to do? 

Yes. As part of registration you will be asked to rank your preferred options for activities. We will endeavour to make sure each girl gets at least one of her preferred option, but as you can imagine this is an enormous jigsaw to fit together.  


  • I have special needs. Can I still attend Jamboree?

Yes, we welcome attendees of all abilities. Please provide as much detail as possible in your registration form in order for us to be able to cater to your needs.   

  • What is your plan in case of another outbreak of COVID-19 or other infectious disease?

We have a robust health and safety plan embedded in all our planning for Jamboree 2022. We will be closely monitoring and following official health advice from the Ministry of Health and amending our programme as required.   

  • How secure is the Mystery Creek site? 

Very. It is a purpose-built events centre with very well maintained and secure facilities.   

  • I have food allergies. Will my needs to catered to? 

We have a comprehensive plan to cater to various allergies and food requirements. Please ensure ALL relevant information is provided in your registration form so we can cater to your needs appropriately.   

  • How will participants’ health needs to be catered to?

Our Health and Safety team will be led by a nurse with multiple years experience. Their team will be managing our participants health needs on site. It is very important that any health needs are fully disclosed during registration so we can care for our members appropriately.   


  • How will my daughter get to and from Jamboree?

There will be a number of options available to your daughter, from driving to Mystery Creek with family or friends, travelling by bus with a contingent of girls and leaders from her own area or flying into Hamilton with a contingent or on her own. Whichever way you choose, we will ensure that she is met and transferred safely to the Jamboree site and the same goes for her return journey. All we ask is that you provide the correct information at the time of registration.  

Further questions should be directed to [email protected] 


Jamboree is often the highlight of a girl’s time in GirlGuiding so we want to help all girls who want to attend to be able to afford it. Here are some documents to help make the most of fundraising:

  • Fundraising for Jamboree 2022 – PDF– The ‘Dos and Don’ts’ on fundraising for Jamboree, what to do with funds raised, local support and other information
  • A to Z Fundraising ideas – PDF– A comprehensive list of activities you can do either by yourself or as a unit to raise some funds
  • Sponsorship form – PDF– To use if you are doing any sponsored activities
  • Example letters for support – WORDTo use or modify for when you are approaching family/friends/service groups or organisations
  • Using Givealittle – PDF– Use this guide if you are looking to create a Givealittle page.

Below are some companies we have connected with to help girls reach their fundraising target:

  • The Honey Fund (NZ Premium Honey) – PDF
  • BHoney Fundraiser – PDF
  • The Delicious NZ Fundraiser Cookbook – PDF
  • Honewrap Fundraiser – PDF
  • Cooking4Change Book – PDF
  • The Soap Factory Ltd – PDF(Account Application Form)