“Guiding has taught me to voice my opinions & be more confident in my ideas”

When someone says ‘What is the most memorable activity you have done at Guides’? The first thing that pops into my head is CAMP! Camping as a Guide is a memory I will never forget, you eat enough food to last a lifetime and do activities every day, that are challenging and most importantly you always have a blast.

Personally, I enjoy camping in tents but in winter we camp in halls which is also great fun. At camp you learn some amazing skills that can help you at Rangers like how to put up a tent and a cooking shelter, how to cook your own food and take responsibilities, how to co-operate and work as a team and much more!

Keira (left) and friend on a Guiding camp

The main thing Guiding has taught me is to voice my opinions more and to be more confident in my ideas. That is the biggest thing Guides has taught me – but there are also heaps of other things like how to work as a team and how to communicate – if I listed every single one we would be here until Christmas!

I never knew when I joined guides about all of the work we do out in the community, from selling biscuits to help with clean ups and tree plantings. Over all Guides is an experience I will never forget and I believe the skills I’ve learnt will help me in Rangers and in high school.


Keira Barlow, 12 years


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