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 “GirlGuiding teaches me how to enjoy doing things with friends” 

Hannah is a nine-year-old with a passion for the environment.   

“If I could change one thing in the world it would be to make people not litter and pollute the earth,” she says, “Because if we pollute the earth, later in time we won’t have an earth to live on.” 

Hannah got into GirlGuiding two years ago. 

“I had some friends who were going to Pippins. They did lots of activities that sounded really cool and fun. I wanted to do them too.” 

She says after moving to Christchurch from the North Island, GirlGuiding was a great way to connect with other girls who liked doing the same things as her. 

Now GirlGuiding is helping Hannah follow her passions.  

“GirlGuiding teaches me how much the environment means to us and teaches me how to enjoy doing things with friends.” 

Hannah says she’s learned to connect with the world and be a great team member.  

“I like learning to tie knots too.” 

For 110 years GirlGuiding NZ has been on a mission to empower girls to change their world. We provide a safe and supportive place for girls to be girls, to learn life skills, develop confidence and discover their passions.  

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