For all Ranger Leaders

A couple of things I have noticed this year with the Ranger Record Books coming through for Queen’s Guide Award endorsement.

Dabbler Certificates – there are still some Units doing dabbler certificates as this is recorded in the Rangers Record Books. This is from the programme before the last programme i.e. over 5+yrs ago. Dabbler certificates do not exist any more so please do not use them any longer.

Community Action – being a RIL is for the Leadership certificate. Hours as a RIL do not count for Community Action. A Ranger can certainly ‘help’ in another Unit before they becomes a RIL and this would be counted but once they are a RIL the time goes towards her Unit Leadership Cert. Some books are coming through with Green and Red Community Action where they have written “I was a RIL with such and such Unit” and then they have also written her Unit Leadership certificate as well.


National Ranger Programme Co-ordinator

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