Fun-packed activity bundles!

What are 'Bundles'. Who are they for? How do they work?

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Explore Bundles are one-off purchases ($25) of five activities (bonus sixth for our first-ever Bundle launch!) which girls can complete any time over two weeks. We have four Pippin Activity Bundles available at the moment for girls aged 5-6 years old. Check them below! More activities Bundles will be available soon.

Explore STEAM Activities

Use science to investigate a water cycle and the night sky. Do a frozen colour experiment, make paper fly and blow up a balloon without using your breath! Bonus activity! Use your senses to observe the world around you.

Explore Animals Activities 

Invite native birds into your garden and learn what to do when you meet a new dog. Make a raaaw-some animal mask and learn where fish live. Bonus activity! Learn how to play safely around dogs.

Explore Art Activities 

Explore your creativity through carving, cooking and art. Make costumes, jewellery  and maybe a spaceship! Bonus activity! Show off your style with special outfits.

Explore World Bundle

Learn all about the big wide world by making food and doing crafts from other countries. Learn about water in our world, where the World Guiding Centres are and how to speak in different languages! Bonus Activity! Explore your world through photography.

Have you tried Bundles and want to sign up for a term subscription? 

Check the video below for an overview of Explore Pippins and see all that is included in each subscription!

What is included in each subscription
  • 90-day subscription of $29 per month (plus $7.99 postage)
  • Explore Pack with resources to help the girls achieve their badges
  • Girls earn badges for their sashes, delivered quarterly
  • Supported by a dedicated Leader
  • Access to weekend camps and activities with other girls in the region
  • Secure, with SSL encryption
  • Specifically designed for Pippin age girls (5 – 6 years old)
  • Monitored by GirlGuiding New Zealand
  • Free from external links and advertising pop-ups.

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