Events Update

Events Update and Reminders

Thank you to all the wonderful leaders who ran events for our members this year, what great opportunities you have provided:

In total this year (to September) Leaders, Local Co-Ordinator’s and Regional Hub Co-Ordinator’s have run 510 Events across New Zealand (that incurred a cost).

With 6632 Girls participating and Spending 450 nights away from home. 

To Make Running events easier on OGM please note the following tips:

  • Change yourself and other leaders to manual in the payment tab before signing up if you don’t want to receive an invoice.
  • All members attending an event must sign up for the event on OGM, this includes all leaders, RILS, and Rangers running a camp for another section. This is a health and safety requirement (Change to Manual if you don’t want to charge them).
  • Please DO NOT use the Cost TBC option when setting up your event, this causes a hiccup in OGM.
  • Add the Payment column in the Payments Tab before sharing and inviting girls, this is the only way girls get billed, putting the cost in other places does not create an invoice.
  • Set up shared events in the Appropriate Team/Regional section and please remember to select the 2 options under Automatic sharing so the leaders of invited units don’t need to set this up in their unit.

Stacey Skill – Finance Administrator for Events

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