It’s National Draw A Dinosaur Day!

GGNZ can get serious at moments, especially when it comes to our news updates. However, we think it’s time for a fun little activity for us all!  

There are many national, international and global days throughout the year, but we thought we’d shed some light and get involved on this specific day. 

Over the years, adults and children alike have fallen in love with the imagination, fantasy and history that comes along with dinosaurs. 

From visiting museums to see their bones and fossils, to watching recreations of them in films and television shows, dinosaurs have been a fascination since their bones were first discovered in the 17th century – and at first, no one could even guess what they really were! 

According to Days of the Year, National Draw a Dinosaur Day offers a full range of fun ideas for celebrating this creature from the past that is not only enormous in physical size but also holds a large place in the hearts of so many humans today. 


But how did National Draw A Dinosaur Day come about? 

National Draw a Dinosaur Day was founded in 2007 when a student named Todd Page began doodling during a boring anthropology class. After he realized how fun his own drawings of dinosaurs were, he encouraged his fellow classmates to do the same and the rest is ancient history! 

Today, National Draw a Dinosaur Day offers people the reminder that there is more to life than just the moment that is present in front of our eyes. Sometimes, it takes some imagination, combined with a little bit of history, to produce something creative, unique and also tons of fun! 


What should I do now? 

 Draw whatever Dinosaur your heart desires and tag us in them! 

 From a real Brachiosaurus to a made-up Unicorn-Rex, we want you to draw us your best dinosaurs and remember, life is about the fun little moments.  

 So, enjoy! 



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