Discoveries 2022

Are you keen to be involved with, or run a Discovery this year?!
We are currently looking at what will be run in the July school holidays and are looking for leaders that are willing to be involved in or lead a Discovery. We will be looking at four days/five nights (for Guides/Rangers) and can base these anywhere in the country – it’s our aim this year to get Discoveries in areas that don’t usually get them!
With July being the middle of winter, the best themes will be our more indoors based ones – Junior MastHERchef, PerformHERs, ExtrEAM (engineering, art, math) and EcSTatic (science, technology)
You don’t need to be a Guide or Ranger leader, just passionate about providing a wonderful experience for the girls! Most of the programming will be done for you, so there isn’t too much work involved in the lead up.
We are also looking at running as many Pippin and Brownies Discoveries as possible due to how popular they always are, and alongside our Animal ENVentures theme have a new one we are trialling called EcoGIRL. The beauty of these is they can be run on weekends due to only being one day events, so they can be run any time of the year!
If you’re keen for either a Guide/Ranger or Pippin/Brownie Discovery please email [email protected]

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