Update 16 June: Reduced Group Fees for Term 3

To continue supporting our Guiding family as we move out of the immediate crisis caused by COVID-19, group Guiding (returning to a face-to-face model) fees will be reduced to $45 for Term 3, and Explore will remain free for all 2020.

We have begun looking at transitioning back to face-to-face meetings from 15 June for those Leaders, girls and venues where this was possible

Here’s what will be happening:

Term 2

  • Classic group Guiding (which has been operating virtually) is starting to move back to a face-to-face model for the last several meetings of Term 2.  It will remain free for the duration of Term 2, even where girls return to up to three face-to-face meetings.
  • Unit Leaders will contact parents of girls in their unit and clarify with them how the unit will meet for the remainder of Term 2, whether in person or virtually. This is dependent on factors such as availability of Leaders and venues.  

Terms 3 and 4

  • Our online platforms, Explore Pippins and Brownies, remain free for all of 2020
  • A fee will be re-introduced for group Guiding bu,t as we want girls to continue experiencing and benefitting from the connection, routine, normalcy and friendship Guiding provides, despite any possible financial distress their family may be experiencing, the Board has decided to reduce fees to $45 for Term 3
  • In Term 4, fees will return to $90. 


Update 16 April: Temporary Fee Waivers for all Members

In times of crisis family help each other out, so we’re helping our Guiding family by temporarily waiving membership fees for both our Classic (currently Virtual) Group Guiding and our Explore Digital Guiding options.

For group guiding members, Guiding will be free for the next Guiding block, 10 weeks from April 28 – 3 July. For Explore members, Guiding will be free for 2020. 

Right now, more girls and families than ever need what Guiding offers – connection, routine, normalcy and friendship. Guiding builds confidence and resilience. Therefore, we’re extending this offer not only to our current members, but those who want to join our Guiding whanau.

This is a loss of income of $510,000, which we consider it a worthwhile investment in our community. However, those who wish to and can afford to support us with a donation can do so here.

You can read more about what free Guiding means here.

We had fortunately already taken the unprecedented step of suspending face-to-face Guiding activities from 23 March onwards and so, currently: 

  • All face-to-face unit meetings, camps, training and other activities are suspended for the remainder of this term.  We have moved to Virtual form of Group Guiding 
  • Alternative delivery options to enable Virtual Group Guiding are availableWe have a wide range of fun and learning based activities for girls to do at home
  • Our staff teams are available. We implemented our plans for all staff to work from home, which they now are 
  • Our Government remains our ‘one source of truth’; we will continue to monitor and follow their advice as it comes to hand

In our 112-year history we have done this through other pandemics and two world wars.  GirlGuiding NZ will continue to support and empower girls and provide options that ensure they have access to the activity, camaraderie and fun of Guiding until we can safely resume face-to-face meetings

Now more than ever our wider community can benefit from what Guiding brings – resilience, confidence, a sense of community and leadership. We know that our girls and volunteers will bring these qualities to the support of each other and their communities.  

Please do follow the advice from the Ministry of Health, follow updates from the Government and remember that Healthline has a special free-phone available and is there to support you as well: 0800 358 5453.