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Our digitally-delivered programme, Explore, was the biggest innovation for years in the Guiding world for girls 5 – 6-years-old (‘Pippins’) and 7 – 9 1/2-years-old (‘Brownies’).

Wait! – you haven’t heard of Explore? Check it out here

Explore is delivered entirely via an online platform and enables girls to participate in Guiding activities in the ‘real world’ anywhere, anytime, using any device. Because there are no weekly meetings, Explore works around you and your girls. 

“The online option means we can both enjoy it at our own pace and adapt the activities to suit if necessary.” Ryan*, parent

‘Explore’, is now in its second year, and we can’t wait to share all the new features that are coming up in 2021.

Free Trial Activity

Because Explore is such a new way of accessing the Guiding experience, we recently introduced the possibility of doing one free trial activity of either of our Explore programmes, so that girls could get the feel of just what Explore offers. This way girls (and parents) can try the platform before signing-up for a full 90-day subscription. Get started Exploring here.

Activity Bundles

2021 also sees us launch Activity Bundles – combinations of five themed activities that children can enjoy as holiday boredom busters, or tasters of the wider programme. Activity bundles are on sale in holiday periods and are great gifts to keep kids busy, bring out their creative side and keep them entertained.

Here’s what some Explore Brownie girls have been getting up to…

Explore Brownie Chloe (right, below) enjoyed blended science and culinary skills, creating her own butter as part of her Junior Chef badge! 
“We filled the jar half-way with cream then shook it for a while” she says. “The cream went really thick and filled up the jar, then it started to separate into two parts. One was liquid and one was solid. We kept shaking and it changed into a yellowy colour.” You can’t get much more natural than that!

Science was made fun for Explore Brownie Elise (left below), who enjoyed making and playing with stretchy glitter slime as part of her Explore Science badge.

Explore Guides

Come September we will be launching the next level of Explore – Explore Guides (9 – 12-years old). Keep an eye out for updates, including invitations for members to test activities!

If you are keen to explore Explore a bit more a girl in your life, check out the options here.

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