Are you keen to lead a Discovery event?

We are currently working through what Discoveries we offer our Guides and Rangers in the January school holidays, and as a part of this we are looking for some amazing leaders to be leader in charge of these events.

Being leader in charge you will work closely with the National Office event team, however we will do most of the preplanning of the event (booking venues, external providers to run activities, any transport to/from the activities, recruiting other leaders, setting the event up in OGM, correspondence to attendees, all the boring paperwork like SAPs)

The main roles of a LIC are:

  • Taking overall responsibility over the week
  • Liaising with the other leaders and planning activities suitable during downtime when the girls aren’t with external providers
  • Taking charge or delegating catering during the week (all Discoveries are self-catered)
  • Ensuring girls have FUN and so do you and the other leaders!
  • Looking after the taskforce of leaders during the week – having quick check-ins in the morning each day to run through the plan for the day and ensure everyone is across what is being done. You will be provided with a programme pack including a “calendar” of the week so you can easily see each day what the plan is.
  • You can be as involved as you like in regards to the external provider activities – we want you to feel as though the Discovery is an amazing week for you as well.

As a part of the week, all of your food and accommodation costs are paid for and if you want to get involved in the activities these costs are also paid for. Being Leader in charge means that we can set the dates based on what works for you, as well as the type of Discovery that’s being run (as not everyone wants to run a Science Discovery, or an Outdoors one!)

If you’re keen, or have any more questions, please email [email protected]. Alternatively, if you feel a week long Discovery isn’t quite your cup of tea and would prefer to try your hand at a day Discovery, we will also be looking for leaders to run Pippins and Brownies Discoveries so keep an eye out for that email!

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