ANZAC Badge Update

The ANZAC activities have been updated for all sections in OGM. In National Resources, the Pippins, Brownies & Guides updated activity list is in the leader resource for your section.
*Please note that the Pippin and Brownie leader programme books have not been updated outside of the ANZAC information
For Rangers, the activities can be viewed in the OGM badge records.  A document with the list of activities will be added to the leader resources folder in National Resources.
There have been some questions on the compulsory attendance at an ANZAC Day service and what to do if your community service is not going ahead or not an option for you this year due to Covid.  Our compulsory activity includes the option ‘or another type of ANZAC service’, here are some suggestions of what this could be

  • A unit/s or local team ANZAC service
  • An ANZAC service with their family
  • A school ANZAC service
  • Viewing an ANZAC service on television
  • Viewing an ANZAC service online/live streaming

If you are looking for ideas for wartime music, poems, stories, wartime recipes, go to OGM Activities and search for ‘GGNZ ANZAC 2020 All Sections’ to download the leaders resource. We would love to hear of any other poems, stories or wartime recipes that you have found and tried to update this resource – please share to [email protected]


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