Announcement of Appointment: Brownie Programme Co-ordinator – Deborah Riddler

I’m Deborah Riddler, the new Brownie Programme Co-ordinator. I’m really excited about this role, and look forward to working with leaders on providing and continuing to improve our wonderful Brownie programme. 

I started my Guiding journey as a shy six-year-old, and became a leader to give back to the organisation that has given me so much. 

I’m a Brownie and Pippin leader in Christchurch, and I love running camps, events, and helping at Discoveries. I work as a product developer for a craft company, and love making crafty things in my spare time. I have two children (a Brownie and a Scout) and we enjoy getting outdoors and camping as a family. 

I’m passionate about Guiding. I love seeing our younger members (and their leaders) achieve and thrive. 

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