Virtual Group
Guiding NZ

What is #VirtualGroupGuidingNZ?

We have moved our weekly group meetings to the virtual space!
With a little bit of adaptation and creative thinking, we are supporting our volunteers to undertake their normal weekly group meetings in an online meeting platform (like Zoom or Google Hangouts!). Every week we create dozens of new activities and resources, and send out suggestions for themes for the weekly group meeting to support our volunteers deliver great girl experiences. Weekly Virtual Group Guiding provides a sense of connection and normalcy in these crazy times, and girls and volunteers are embracing it fully!

If you are a volunteer with us and are looking for resources...

You can login to your member section and check the resources page we created. This page will be updated weekly as more resources are developed.


If you are curious about what we do, you can read about how we have transition (temporarily) to a virtual model. Read here!

What if I want to register a girl?

Our registration process is still the same! You can check the section you are looking for below and click sign-up to take you to the registration page.

5-6 years

The adventure starts here. Make friends, tackle challenges, find adventure and earn cool badges that show off what you’ve learned along the way.

7-9½ years

Brownies are becoming more aware and independent. Lead the adventure and have a say in what you do. Earn badges in teams and on your own.

9-12½ years

At Guides you are growing into a leader, making decisions about what challenge you’ll take on next - whether it’s community action or learning to surf.

12½-17 years

At Rangers, you’re setting your own goals and achieving them. You might travel to international camps or events and help lead the younger groups to share what you’ve learned.

Fill your details in the form below to register for virtual group guiding!


Have you heard about our online platform Explore?

We have developed an online platform to deliver the programme from each of our sections. Explore is different than our #VirtualGroupGuidingNZ model, as girls are provided activities through a custom-built platform and are challenged to do some activities individually, or with care-givers, in the real world. Explore girls are not part of a unit - maybe there isn't one nearby! - but are invited to camps and events to meet other Guiding members their own age. Currently we have Explore Pippins available, and later on in April Explore Brownies will be launched.

Explore Pippins
5-6 years old

This is an alternative to our weekly group meetings. In Explore Pippins, girls work independently or with parental supervision, to lead their own learning, at their own pace, and their own place. The Pippins programme is delivered through a custom-built online platform.

Explore Brownies
7-9½ years

Coming up in 20 April 2020.