Guide Programme

2022 Information

Guide Programme 2022

Our revised content for the Guide programme is ready and will be live for 2022.

The revised girls book will begin to be issued to new and linking girls from the beginning of 2022. A digital version will be available in OGM National Resources from mid-January.

All Guide Units will receive one copy of the girls book. This will be sent to the UTL with the first badge download in March 2022.

The following Leaders resources will be removed from National Resources:

  • Guide Programme
  • Planning Unit Programmes
  • Your Role as a Guide Leader.


The replacement resource is ‘Guide Leaders’ Programme Resource’. This is a merge of the above three resources and contains all supporting information for the Guide Programme. Reference is made to this document below. We recommend downloading this resource to have available alongside this document.

Unit Badge resources are being developed and as these become available will be advertised in Leaders Link. These will be located in OGM National Resources.

The Guide sticker sheets will be updated to reflect the updated programme content when the current stock runs out and a new order is required.


Programme Updates

Unit Badges
  • Removal of Streetwise.
  • Outdoor Basics is now a standalone badge belonging to the Camping Badges progression.
  • Revisions to remaining current Unit Badges – See pages 19-34 in Guide Leaders’ Programme Resource’.
  • New Unit Badges – Challenge Accepted, Get Mucky, Innovate & Design.
  • A WAGGGS badge is considered a Unit Badge and can be credited to the appropriate exploration area. Whanui Badges has been removed from the Guide programme.
Exploration Badges
  • Exploring My Community has been renamed Exploring Our Communities to reflect that each girl belongs to a number of different communities.
  • Revisions have occurred within the Unit and Patrol activities.
  • There are no longer compulsory or leadership exploration activities.
  • Only change to individual activities is Exploring Our Communities #4.

The updated exploration list of activities can be found on the following pages in the Guides My Programme Book:

  • Exploring the Outdoors – pages 35-39
  • Exploring Our Communities – pages 60-63
  • Exploring My World – pages 77-80
  • Global Exploration – pages 91-95.


Camping Badges
  • Outdoor Basics has been added to the Camping Badges, and no longer will be known as a Unit Badge.
  • Please note that the background on the Outdoor Basics badge will change to orange when the stock for this badge is replenished.


Progression Badges

For the updated overview of all Progression Badges please see:

  • Page 12 of Guide Leaders’ Programme Resource.
  • Page 20 & 21 of the Guides My Programme Book.


Green & Gold Endeavour
  • No change to Green or Gold Endeavour requirements.
Silver Endeavour + Rangatiratanga Leadership Badge 
  • Requirement for Unit Badges changed from 3 Unit Badges to 2 Unit Badges.
  • Introduction of a leadership badge, Rangatiratanga Leadership Badge. For details and further information on the structure of this badge see page 35 in Guide Leaders’ Programme Resource.


Aoraki Award
  • Changes to Aoraki Awards components: See page 42 in Guide Leaders Programme Resource
  • There are no longer compulsory or leadership exploration activities
  • Complete a further two Unit Badges
  • Wording Update: Community Challenge renamed as ‘Giving Back’
  • New: Take the Lead
  • New: Aoraki Adventurous Activity.
  • Certificates will be available to download and print from OGM for the following Aoraki activities: Giving Back, Take the Lead, Aoraki Adventurous Activity


Transitioning and OGM Records

Any girl who has an extension to complete their Aoraki Award next year, will continue to follow the programme as it is now. They will not need to complete any of the revised or additional requirements for the Aoraki Award. 


Aoraki Award

Any girl who is working towards her Gold Endeavour and Aoraki Award and is turning 12 ½ by the end of Term 2, will not be required to complete the extra Unit Badge in the revised Aoraki structure, due to the removal of Outdoor Basics as a Unit Badge.

The additional requirement for the Adventurous Activity and Take the Lead, any girl should be completing from the beginning of 2022.


Endeavour Badges

Whichever progression badge a girl is working towards when 2022 begins, they will complete the revised structure of that Endeavour Award. If a girl had already completed three Unit Badges for Silver, transfer one of those towards her Gold Endeavour. 


Rangatiratanga Leadership Badge

When you first complete this badge with your Unit next year, any girl who has already completed Silver and Gold Endeavour awards can also have the opportunity to earn the second half of this badge by completing the ‘My Leadership’ activities.

Any girl who will still be working towards Green or Silver Endeavour next year, will complete the Rangatiratanga Leadership Badge.

Use your Leader discretion for any girl who has nearly completed their Silver Endeavour.


Unit Badges

Check the updates to any Unit badges you are currently working on that will carry over to next year so that you are aware of what those are.

You can continue with any activities you already had planned for a particular Unit badge, however due to any changes in OGM for that badge, keep your own clear records so that you know when the correct amount of activities have been completed to award that badge.

Exploration Badges

In OGM, the Green, Silver and Gold exploration badges will maintain their current girl records. In the activity descriptions, both the pre 2022 activity and the new activity will remain in the details for exploration activities, as they are now. 

OGM automatically counts activities marked, knowing when to trigger the badge to your due badges list.

There will be a transition time, and you may need to keep some extra records for some girls or record in a different way to track the counting of unit and patrol activities.

Scenario Example: The girls have chosen unit Activity 23 from Exploring the Outdoors – ‘With your Patrol build a stretcher and use it to safely carry a person for 20 metres. Take turns carrying and being carried’ However, you have girls who already have an entry for Activity 23 because they had previously completed the A-frame transporter activity.

  • The girl can have Activity 23 recorded twice in OGM, enter a second date or word or whichever detail it is you choose to put in that box field. Remember a second entry will need to be made manually. 
  • You may wish to keep a manual record of any double ups so that you can track when a girl has reached the required number of activities for her Green, Silver or Gold badge. 
  • If a girl is very close to finishing her Gold badge, complete an entry under another activity that she has not yet done and most likely will not do before she links to Rangers – this would then keep the number count for that girl.