Free for Family
Frequently Asked Questions

Free for Family – Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Why is GirlGuiding NZ making its programmes temporarily free?

A. We want to support our current member families by removing a potential stress for them, whilst ensuring that we can continue to provide our empowering programmes to their girls. This offer is open to new girls to try as well because now more than ever, girls need the support that Girl Guiding can offer to build their courage and resilience.

Q. How long is this free membership offer available for? 

A. For girls currently or interested in undertaking group guiding, currently delivered in virtual format, membership will be free for the entire next block of Guiding (28 April – 3 July 2020). For Explore (our digitally delivered options) members, membership will be free throughout 2020. NB – the registration system, available from Monday 20 April, will require an unavoidable transaction fee of 50 cents for each subscription.

Q. Why the different lengths of free membership?

A. From April 20, Explore will be available to girls five – ten. This age group is more likely to struggle with the social distancing that would be required at face-to-face meetings, should these resume as some areas move to lower lockdown levels. Additionally, we understand that this age group needs regular and constant mental simulation and physical activity, and access to Explore provides that on a regular basis.

Q. Is the free Virtual Group Guiding offer open to new girls or only existing members?

A. This offer was developed for our current members, but we are extending it to other girls who might like to take advantage of this offer. You do not have to be an existing member to join. 

Q. Is the free Explore offer open to new girls or only existing members?

A. This free offer is available to existing and new members. You do not have to be an existing member to join.  

Q. What is the difference between Explore and Virtual Group Guiding? 

A. Virtual Group Guiding is our classic 110-year-old model reimagined in a virtual setting for group led learning.  Virtual Group Guiding means girls will join a local unit filled with other like-minded adventure seekers. They will meet virtually, once a week, and participate in activities led by a volunteer leader.  

Explore is a Guiding world first – a digitally delivered option available to girls via a custom-built and secure girl-led portal. Girls will largely work independently to complete activities at their own pace, with support from a dedicated volunteer leader. This programme has been designed with both the girl and parent experience in mind, and a series of filters enables parents to easily navigate activities that girls can do alone, or ones that they can do together.  

Both options are designed via experience-based learning to delight and engage girls though new challenges, friendships, connectedness and curiosity. 

Q. How long with you be running Guiding virtually?

A. Virtual Group Guiding will continue to run from 28 April – 3 July. We will look at how we run Term Three closer to the time as we continue to monitor Government advice related to the Covid-19 situation.  

Q. Can I do both Virtual Group Guiding and Explore?

A. Yes, you can do both. Activities/badges in Explore are released at different times to Virtual Group Guiding so girls may find they are repeating activities, but the unit vs Explore experience are two very different things. 

Q. Can girls still get badges, sashes and books?

A. Cloth badges will still be sent, once our courier service resumes.  

For Classic Group Guiding, Welcome packs with book and sash will also still be sent when that becomes possible  

Explore packs with a letter and a sash will also be sent when possible (but not the full resource kit). 

Q: If GirlGuiding NZ can afford to offer membership for free, why the usual subscription? 

A. GirlGuiding NZ is being financially impacted significantly and even accounting for the wage subsidy from the Government, will be dipping heavily into its cash reserves to make this temporary offer; this is not sustainable. We are losing $510,000 from subscriptions loss, with additional losses from property rental, and our ability to sell properties in the near future has also now been affected. Subscription fees are vital to the long-term sustainability of the organisation, and all it offers.

Q. How will you raise income to operate without subscriptions?

A. We are seeking support from external partners, and also asking for donations from those – members and the general public – who may be able to support us 

Q. What if the recession lasts into 2021 – will you still offer free/subside fees?

A. Like every other organisation, we will constantly review the current situation as it unfolds. Our primary aim is to support our members through this crisis period. 

Q. I’m a parent and I have credit on my GirlGuiding NZ account that I would like to donate; how do I do this?

A. Email [email protected] with the amount to be donated and your OGM number.. Our Funding Team will then organize a tax donation receipt for you.