Switzerland and UK: A European Alternative to Schoolies

Start Time: 12:00 am November 28, 2019
End Time: 11:59 pm December 12, 2019

Venue / Address: Switzerland and UK

Applications close 28 February 2019

Are you looking for something different after school has finished? What about a trip to the Swiss Alps and London?

Travel with other 17-19-year-old Guides who are also school leavers. Visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre and Pax Lodge. At Kandersteg participate in a variety of Winter activities. Then explore Pax Lodge and London at your own pace with a little help from your Pax Lodge friends.

This is a girl-led program, and offers New Zealand Rangers the opportunity to join a Girl Guides Australia contingent. Queensland Tirriki Lone Guide Leader Mandie Young has been appointed as chaperone and advisor. She will assist participants to plan their itinerary and make this the adventure of a life-time.

Who can apply?
Youth members 17-19 years old at the time of the event. 
Note that 18+ applicants must have Police Checks/Working with Children certificates in line with their state requirements by the time of the event.

Event fee (subject to exchange rate fluctuation) $2660

Additional Costs

  • Airfares New Zealand to Sydney – NZ$600
    These are only an estimate; prices are subject to change due to increases and/or specials.
  • Airfares Sydney to London – NZ$1550
    These are only an estimate; prices are subject to change due to increases and/or specials.
  • GGA Fees (contingent support) – $TBC
  • GGNZ Administration charge – $127.00
  • Any additional travel before or after
  • Visa, contingent shirts and badges

Please note: Applications need to be with your Unit Team Leader at least two weeks before closing date.
Late applications cannot be accepted. Please let your Leader know to expect your application so endorsements can be provided in a timely manner.